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5 tips to remember while looking for the best criminal attorney in Fresno

Are you being falsely accused of a criminal charge? Criminal conviction in Fresno is a dead serious issue and usually carries hefty penalties for the convict. Needless to mention, the law will always be in favor of the victim. Thus, it calls for a strong defense from an aggressive attorney to prove your innocence in the court of law. There is no dearth of criminal attorneys in the county but not all will be suitable for you.

The post below shares the 5 most important tips to remember while looking for the best Fresno Criminal Attorney.

Strong reputation

A robust industry reputation stands as the pronounced evidence of the prowess of an attorney. Thus, make sure your chosen attorney is backed by a commendable market presence and long list of happy clientele. Don’t forget to check his AVVO rating. The best lawyers generally boast of an “Excellent” rating.

Try to look for a one who is a nationally-recognized expert. If your chosen lawyer is covered by national and local news outlets- it proves he has proven his mettle with flying colors.

Experience in your case

Criminal law is a perplex field and it takes huge experience to develop the best defense strategies. Thus, your focus should always be on a highly seasoned criminal lawyer. However, you should also check beforehand that the attorney is seasoned in your particular case. Ask for his track record and see for how many cases he has been able to earn “Not guilty”.

Does he update himself?

Criminal law is a dynamic field. New amendments are being added to from time to time and your defense strategy must comply with the latest regulations. Thus, you have to make sure your chosen attorney updates himself on a regular basis to stay in tune with the current state of legal regulations.

A reliable criminal attorney routinely attends DUI and criminal seminars to enhance his knowledge in the field. Moreover, he should also hold membership with leading organizations like National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Fresno County Bar Association and California Association of Consumer Attorneys.

Is he comfortable to talk to?

Your lawyer is your closest friend when you are charged with a criminal case. You must reveal everything related to the case to your lawyer to help him comprehend your chances from every angle. But it takes a certain level of comfort between the lawyer and client to inspire latter reveal confidential data to the former. So, make sure your chosen lawyer is comfortable to talk to. The best lawyers always promise individualized attention so that the clients feel easier to state their incidents to them.

Can you contact him after office hours?

What if you find an evidence that may work in your favor at late hours? Would it be wise to wait till the business hours start the next day? Certainly not. It’s always better to notify your lawyer the moment you find something valuable for your case. But for that, you have to ensure your lawyer is flexible to attend you even after office hours.

If you are down with false criminal charges, bank on our seasoned expertise for best possible defense.

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