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What Are The Most Important Facts Regarding The South Carolina Bill Of Sale?

The Bill of Sale in South Carolina is specifically used for the purpose of documenting the sale or transfer of ownership of a particular item like a boat, car, firearm, horse or any other personal property from a seller to a buyer.

South Carolina Bill Of Sale Requirements

Usually, bills of sale are required for a number of vehicle transactions in South Carolina. So, it is basically, an important legal document which shows proof of sale and also ownership.

A bill of sale form must be provided to the SCDMV or South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to register a vehicle in case a vehicle is bought through a private sale and also the title does not include the odometer reading and the selling price.

Language Requirements

Mainly, South Carolina requires all specific documents to be submitted in English.

Vehicle Seller Requirements

The SCDMV of vehicle sales must be essentially notified by the sellers. Again, a legal transfer of ownership is not constituted by this form. But, its main aim is to provide some protection to the last registered owner before the completion of the real transfer of ownership.

The seller is considered the lien holder in case the buyer is making payments on the vehicle. So, it is very important for the purchaser to complete section D of the Title Application (SCDMV Form 400). Finally, the title is needed to be mailed to the seller and it is also not turned over to the buyer until full payments are made.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section that the Bill of Sale document is considered to be an important legal document and so, one should be well aware of these important facts regarding the South Carolina Bill of Sale. You may download free bill of sale form, marital separation agreement or rental lease agreement online from this website – forms.legal

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