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Being involved in a car crash can be unnerving. It could be more stressful when you are in a rental car.  However, handling a car accident is not that hard. You need to handle the situation the same way you would have done if your car was involved in a crash.

Steps to Follow in Rental Car Collision

A rental car crash is similar to another car crash and the same rules apply. The only difference is that you might be on the financial hook. The essential thing you need to keep in mind is the documentation. It is a significant aspect of building a strong case. Here are a few things that you need to do after being involved in the rental car collision

  • Call Police

The first step to take after a car crash is to call the cops. The report of the police will help in establishing the ground for the case determining an at fault-party.

  • Check for Injuries

After calling the police, ensure everyone who was in the car is okay. Once you check everyone in your vehicle, have a look at the surroundings as well as other vehicles involved in the crash. If possible, pull your car on the side of the road safely. In case the collision is serious and anyone in your car or other car is hurt, call for emergency help.

  • Exchange Information

When you see everyone is safe, exchange the contact information along with insurance information with the other driver involved. The major details you need to exchange include name, phone number, address, license number, the insurance company, vehicle registration, policy number, and license plate. In case you see any witnesses, do take their contact number.

While sharing contact details with the other parties or speaking with police, do not say that it was your fault. Try to be calm as well as polite and avoid making any statements. Ensure you do not apologize or say anything that could be used by police, the insurance company, or another party against you. Moreover, try to avoid mentioning that the car is not yours. There are chances they might take advantage of this and blame you for the crash.

  • Make Notes and Take Pictures

In order to protect yourself, collect information about the crash. Take the photos of the scene from different angles and make notes of the necessary information. The information must include

  • Color, make, year, and model of cars involved in the crash.
  • How the crash happened
  • Location of the crash including street name and lane
  • Contact Car Rental Company

After taking photos and making notes, call and inform the car rental company about the crash. In case you do not have the number, you can find an emergency number on the rental agreement.

After informing the company, the next step is to inform your insurance company about the accident and your injuries. Similarly with an insurance company, you would need an expert to handle further proceedings. Consider hiring a reputed Randolph VT car wreck Firm. The experienced attorney would review the case and provide you with the appropriate legal action. They would help you know about the claims you are entitled to.

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