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Most people have suffered a slip, trip, and fall accident either in their home or at their workplace. In both cases, the victim needs immediate attention and medical help to combat the injury. However, if the injury is at the workplace, then the victim should know their legal rights along with understanding what is fair compensation from the employer.

Slip, and fall accidents can occur anytime. The onus of premises responsibility lies on the employer. If you are severely injured after slipping, tripping, or falling on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation. For instance, if the cause of the accident was a result of the owner’s negligence in maintaining their property.

It is mandatory to ensure that employees in the workplace can safely move within the premises. Places like buildings, parking lots, any construction area, and walkways must be maintained to ensure safety.

How To Act After Such Accidents

You don’t encourage accidents to happen, they occur naturally. You should be aware of the immediate steps to be taken after you report a slip and fall accident.

Here are 5 necessary actions to perform in order to build the best possible legal case for such accidents.

Seek Immediate Medical Help:
Seeking medical attention should be the number one priority following a slip and fall accident. You need to visit a doctor to know about your injuries along with the best treatment. The injuries will be documented. This medical record will be evidence in filing a compensation claim.

Report The Accident To The Property Owner:
No matter where the accident has occurred. If it took place at your workplace, your friend’s house, in a departmental store, or on a sidewalk, report it immediately. Ask the owner to maintain a written report and collect it before you leave their premises.

Connect With The Witnesses and Document Everything:
If you have decided to pursue a legal claim against the owner, it’s important to collect all the relevant details of the witnesses present there. The details would include name, address, phone numbers, email address, and most important their statements.

Take pictures of the exact location where you faced such an accident. Make sure to capture stairs, uneven floors, or any other factor like liquid spilled on the ground, etc. Write down the exact date and time of the accident. Store your clothes and footwear as an extra precautions since they are evidence as well.

Do not Give Statements:
It is advised to limit your communication with the manager, landlord, or owner of the property. Do not give any type of statement to anyone. Also, do not post updates on social media regarding the accident. Unless you consult a personal injury lawyer Knoxville, refrain yourself from any such steps.

Connect With An Experienced Attorney:
Such cases are complex to prove in the court of law. Call an experienced personal injury attorney to get the compensation you deserve.  Hand over your worries to them and they will deal with your case with perfection. They are legal experts and will take care of your entire case.


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