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According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles there were 401 496 crashes in the state in 2021. These accidents resulted in 3,731 deaths and 252,938 injuries. There were 341,399 fatalities and 332 crashes in 2020. There have been 266,239 fatalities and 2,331 crashes as of the third quarter of 2022.

5 Florida Cities with the Most Car Accidents

These are the top five cities in Florida that had the most car-involved accident in 2020.

1. Fort Lauderdale

In 2020, 7,989 injuries and deaths were reported by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Fort Lauderdale saw 131 fatalities and 30 serious injuries in 2020. A 2020 report shows that Fort Lauderdale’s intersection of A1A & Las Olas was one of the five most deadly intersections in South Florida in that year.

2. Hollywood

In 2020, the Hollywood Police Department recorded 4,674 fatalities. There were 64 fatalities and 18 serious injuries. Drivers in South Florida have complained for years about the intersection of Highway 441 and Pembroke Road, near Hollywood. This intersection has been the scene of numerous crashes over the years, sometimes even multiple crashes in one day.

3. Jacksonville

Jacksonville is located on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It is also the largest city in Florida. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department reported 26,765 accidents in 2020 across the entire city and its surrounding areas. In 2020, the city saw at least 319 serious injuries and 93 deaths. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department serves as the main law enforcement agency in the city and county. One local news agency examined some of the most dangerous intersections within Jacksonville. The majority were found along Blanding Blvd.

4. Tampa

The Tampa Police Department recorded 13,352 accidents in 2020. There were 238 fatalities and 56 serious injuries. According to a study, Town N’ Country was home to many of the most dangerous intersections within the county. Some intersections on the list were however located in Tampa.

5. Tallahassee

Tallahassee Police Department recorded 6,322 accidents in 2020. There were 59 serious injuries and 22 deaths. Orange Avenue and Springhill Road are the most dangerous intersections in Tallahassee, according to data from accident sites. Monroe Street and Orange Avenue are other dangerous intersections. Accidents also occur at Capital Circle and West Tennessee Street.

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