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You had a great playlist, and your loved ones accompanied you for a road trip to an event in Edinburg, Texas. The last you expected was to get side-swiped by a sports car blasting the legendary Nickleback. Should you call your insurer? And who will pay for the vehicle damage and probably an injured passenger? Can you sue the sports car’s driver?

First, call the police in case someone has suffered significant injuries, or one or both of the vehicles have sustained substantial damage. According to Texas State law, drivers who have been involved must file an accident report (Form CR-2) within 10 days in case the matters wasn’t investigated by police officers and the crash caused injuries or property damage worth $1,000 or more. It’s also wise to exchange contact details, vehicle, and insurance details with the other driver. In case you have been involved in a vehicle accident, it’s recommended to contact a reputable Edinburg TX car accident lawyer who can help you understand your legal options.

Well, firstly, any injury or form of vehicle damage sustained due to another individual’s negligence should be an expense to the liable party and their insurance company; not you. Secondly, injuries suffered due to vehicle accidents are not any special. As long as you have identified the party at fault, of course with the help of a lawyer, it’s possible to pursue a personal injury claim successfully.

Here are other important steps you should follow.

Step #1: Seek Medical Help

In any accident, seeking medical help should always come first. Personal injury claims depend heavily on the doctor’s report; lack of one may count against you when facing canny insurance adjusters. The doctor should take you through comprehensive scans to ensure all current and future medical costs are included in the claim. Your personal injury attorney can help you find a qualified and experienced medical officer to examine and treat your injuries.

Step #2: Take pictures

If you are severely injured, it is plausible that you may not be able to take the pictures of the scene of the accident yourself. If you are with a friend or relative, ask them to take pictures and videos of the site and your injuries. Also, identify witnesses and request to have their names and contact information.

Step #3: Write down a short account of what happened to you

Information collected at the scene of an accident is usually what makes or breaks a case. Your attorney will likely launch an independent investigation afterward, and they may need a detailed understanding of the circumstances of the accident and everything that preceded it. You should jot everything down while you can still remember how they happened.

Step #4: Collect all evidence

Obtaining CCTV footage from nearby facilities (if any) and videos shot by random people near you is important in building a strong case. This part may prove a little difficult considering you have to talk to third parties, so seek guidance from your attorney first or let him or her do it for you.

Wrap up 

If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, you can either settle or go to court. Your choice will depend on many factors, and you should always consult with your lawyer to know what’s best for you. Remember, personal injury claims are sometimes complex and require an expert in personal injury law.

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