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Motorcycle drivers are one of the must vulnerable drivers in Texas open roads. Especially if a collision happen. Cause the only thing that protect them is their helmet and clothes. But motorcycle drivers are not responsible for others driver’s negligence. In these cases, someone else may be responsible for causing the accident.

Contacting in Mesquite, TX a motorcycle accident lawyer. Will help you understand your legal rights as a victim of a motorcycle accident. The victim must do it after the accident happen.

What should the victim do after a motorcycle accident happen?

Once the accident has occurred. The victim must remain calm, to prevent minor injuries from becoming serious. Vehicles involved in the accident have to be removed out of the road to avoid collisions. While the drivers wait for the corresponding help. In Texas, those involved in the accident have to remain at the scene and report the collision. As long as the injuries and damages exceed the figure of a thousand dollars.

Avoid hinting any guilt in the police or medical report. Just highlight the story on how the accident happen with much detail as possible. Police members should make these report, if is not the case, the victim must make the accident report itself. And if possible, take photos of the scene, injuries, and damages caused in the accident.

After getting the medical care needed to recover from the injuries caused in the collision. Avoid acceptance of any settlement or offer from the other insurance company without the presence of your attorney. If the victim wants to file a claim for compensation of the expenses, contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer will help them get a right amount.

Potential compensations that the victim can claim

The repercussion of these types of accidents are immeasurable. Besides of the injuries caused, these accidents can affect the financial state of the victim. While no amount of money can’t eliminate all the pain the victim suffered. A personal injury claim will help you at least get a good compensation to cover all the expenses. With compensation, we referred to:

  • Medical bills, including hospital stay, medication, surgery if necessary, medical equipment.
  • Loss of incoming wages (present or future), not be avail to work for the injuries caused.
  • Property damaged of the victim’s vehicle

Although some damages can be calculated, are other ones that cannot be calculated easily. But that doesn’t mean that the victim cannot claim it. In a personal injury claim, the victim can add the non-economic damages suffered in the accident. Which are:

  • Physical pain suffered before and after the accident occur
  • Emotional trauma caused by the accident, like anxiety, insomnia, or depression.
  • Punitive damages, in extreme cases

How much the victim can get in a settlement?

The amount corresponding to the settlement may vary, as it depends on different factors. These factors include how severe are the injuries and what medical treatment is needed. Also, how much time the victim are going to lose for the recovery of these injuries. Other factors are whether the victim is at-fault and the limit of the policy insurance. The victim may have the opportunity to a large settlement.

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