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Everyone knows that walking is great for your health. It’s a low-impact activity that can reduce your risk of heart disease. It also helps you to burn calories, build and tone muscles, ease joint pain, lower your blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure. As well as all this, it can energize you and boost your mood and it’s an opportunity to get outdoors. However, what happens if this seemingly beneficial activity leads to an accident?

Here in Allentown, there are plenty of people who embrace walking and, unfortunately, that also means pedestrian accidents aren’t unheard of. This is why it’s wise to be prepared and know what steps to take should you be the victim of a pedestrian accident. Let’s take a look at what those steps are.

Contact the Emergency Services

A good tip, no matter how minor or extensive your injuries are after being hit by a vehicle, is to contact emergency services. You need to be checked out by a qualified professional to ensure you’re okay and who can transport you to the hospital if needed. Your immediate well-being has to be the priority. Calling emergency services will also mean that the police will show up at the scene to take down all the information from the party who hit you.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Take Away the Stress

After your immediate health is taken care of and you are stable, the very next step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer in Allentown with experience in pedestrian accidents. There is no doubt you will be feeling a lot of stress, anger and pain after your accident and hiring a lawyer will allow you to relax and focus on recovery.

In the case of pedestrian accidents, lawyers can prove to be invaluable. They will be the one that does all the work, fights for your rights and deals with any compensation you may be asking for. Keep in mind it can be a pretty lengthy process too, which is all the more reason to leave it to a lawyer.

Follow Your Recovery Plan

To ensure you fully recover and get back to your normal life, you must follow your recovery plan and the doctor’s orders. For minor injuries, your recovery may be relatively simple and short but, for more severe injuries, it could be a much more involved process that you need to be willing to commit to.

Understand the Mental Toll a Pedestrian Accident Can Have

For all the physical treatments you may receive, it’s important to note that there is a mental toll that can also happen with a pedestrian accident. It is a traumatic experience and you can’t expect to just get over it quickly. You may be left with some fear of walking, post-traumatic stress and more. Be sure to speak to your doctor about what you are feeling so they can recommend the best treatment.

As a pedestrian, you never expect to be out walking and get hit by a car, but the reality is that accidents can and do happen, so being prepared is wise.

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