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Car accidents are always difficult situations to be in whether you were deemed at fault or not. Some accidents can open and shut cases such as when the driver at fault was driving inattentively or was shown to be intoxicated while driving. Others can be more complex where perhaps neither party is found at fault or where a hit and run takes place. You’ve probably heard the procedures for dealing with an automobile accident such as always stopping and getting information from others involved, calling the police, remaining at the scene, documenting and taking photos and waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. But in some cases, you may need an accident attorney northfield nj to help.

What Kind of Accidents Would You Need an Attorney For?

If the accident is fairly minor and no parties have suffered significant injuries, or your insurance provider has been able to settle your case right away, then you probably don’t need an accident lawyer. But if the property damage to your vehicle is high and you or someone else has suffered significant physical injuries that could become permanent or have given high medical bills, you probably need an accident attorney according to On the other end, if you feel that even though the police report and investigation showed you were at fault, but you feel otherwise, an accident lawyer may be able to help you prove it. If you were convicted of driving while intoxicated while in an accident, you may need a criminal defense attorney to be involved in that case.

What Will an Accident Attorney Actually Do for You?

Attorneys who specialize specifically in auto accidents are usually trained in various evidence gathering and being able to make the case that you were affected by the accident the way you claim to be. As Nolo explains, there’s a lot of things that can go sideways between getting the accident documented, getting the diagnosis from the doctor, making sure the medical records are complete and everything in between. A common characteristic of insurance companies is they often try to find loopholes when claims are filed so they don’t have to honor the full amount they should pay. An accident attorney is often very methodical and gets the accident case presented down to the last detail, and every little detail can matter in the event you have to take your case to court.

In conclusion, you want an accident attorney if your specific case cannot be addressed any other way. Be aware of any consultation fees the attorney might charge upfront, and if you hire an attorney who only charges once the case is closed under the promise of winning, make sure you’ve hired a reputable one who has won most of their car accident cases. Your family or friends may have a personal recommendation for a lawyer, but you should take time to speak with the lawyer you choose in person to gauge their interest in your case and get a feel for their advice.

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