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If you’ve just been in an accident where you’ve suffered an injury, you’ve been through one of the most traumatic events someone can experience. Aside from physical injury, there is emotional and possibly even financial stress to navigate.

Now you have to wonder, what comes next? You should hire a personal injury attorney.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may not be able to work. This can be made even worse by dealing with an insurance company that may only pay some of your medical costs or even denies your claim. Finally, you also have to contend with the party at fault and their insurance company, too.

If this seems like a lot to handle, that’s because it is! A personal injury attorney can be your best bet at helping you navigate this unfortunate situation. Keep reading to find out how a personal injury attorney can help.

A Personal Injury Attorney Knows the Law

When you suffer an accident, there are many avenues to navigate. You will have to contend with the party that caused your injury, their insurance company, and your insurance company.

All three of these entities will have a lawyer or lawyers to represent their interests. They will maneuver any way they can to avoid paying what you are owed. If you attempt to represent yourself, you will be going up against men and women who are paid to know how to avoid paying a settlement.

Your personal injury attorney represents your interests, which means they can use the law to make sure you are paid for everything you are owed.

Plus, if negotiations fall apart, your lawyer should be prepared to litigate your case in a courtroom. If you already have a personal injury attorney, you will already be prepared to proceed in court instead of hiring an attorney unfamiliar with your case.

If you’re in the Spokane area, you can get more information on what a personal injury attorney can do for you.

Getting the Maximum Settlement

As part of the negotiation process with your insurance company, your lawyer will lobby to ensure your medical expenses are covered. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to undercut you or even avoid paying your claim.

When dealing with the party responsible for your injuries, your attorney’s knowledge of the law will help them ascertain how much you are owed. People who represent themselves often do not receive as much money as they could because they do have the same experience the other party’s lawyers do.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Dealing with injuries from an accident is already an ordeal – personally handling the fallout wouldn’t be good for anyone’s physical or mental health.

The negotiation and settlement process can take months and sometimes even years to resolve. Without a personal injury attorney, you’re on the hook for keeping track of court dates, battling lawyers and insurance adjusters all on your own.

Opposing counsel and insurance adjusters will likely try and cast doubt on your version of the accident if they can find a way. Lawyers are equipped to gather evidence to help support your claims, such as police reports and witness statements. Because you are the victim of the accident, you lack the objectivity to view your case from a neutral angle.

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