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It is widely believed that Great Britain is almost a blessed country, and many girls and women from Eastern Europe seek to marry a citizen of a great empire and live happily after it. Someone manages to meet the man of their dreams, while others fail in their relationships. There are many reasons for the collapse of international marriages: cultural problems, language, sense of humor, attitude to cleanliness, and much more. You can read about these reasons at Avalanches and understand if your marriage can be canceled fast or the process is going to last long.

Before a divorce

If the marriage has given a crack, but the atmosphere in the family is tense, there is the opportunity to build relationships with the help of external consultants. That is, you can go to consultations with a psychologist, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and return to a good relationship (or not do it — it depends).

If family life has become unbearable, and you (or both spouses) have decided to officially terminate family relations, then you must go to an English court. There, you will have to indicate a good reason for the divorce.

The fault (guilt) of a spouse must be proved; otherwise, you will get a divorce only after two years of separate living. Such a strictly regulated procedure was approved by the law on family relations in the early 1970s of the last century.

In the UK, the easiest and fastest way to get a divorce is to annul the marriage. You can apply for a marriage cancellation at any time after the wedding, unlike a standard divorce. However, this method is applicable only in very specific cases. You must prove that you have certain reasons for it.

Marriage cancellation reasons

A marriage is considered invalid, as it had no legal force from the very beginning:

– One of the spouses was under 16 years old;

– One of the spouses at the time of marriage was in another marriage or a same-sex relationship;

– Spouses are relatives.

Reasons to divorce in the UK

Legislation in the United Kingdom recognizes only five good reasons to divorce:

  1. Adultery;
  2. Inadequate behavior of the spouse — physical and psychological violence, drunkenness and drug addiction, refusal to pay bills;
  3. Malicious abandonment by one spouse of the other (absence for two years or more);
  4. Separate residence for two years, provided that both spouses agree to a divorce, and separate residence is not necessarily different territories, you can live in the same house or in the same apartment, but in different rooms and keep a separate household;
  5. Separate residence for more than 5 years (in this case, consent to divorce the second spouse is not required).

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