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Finding an attorney to represent you in your DUI case can be a daunting task. There is a multitude of attorneys available to take your case, but the question is “Which is the right one for you?”Below are a few useful hints that will assist you in finding a DWI attorney like Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law that is best for you.

Be Sure that the Attorney Specializes at DWI/ DUI Law

This might appear to be an easy measure, but it is really quite significant. DWI cases are very technical and they require a very good understanding of the science that is used to conduct a DWI investigation. An attorney that specializes in DWI, will have a very deep understanding of all that.

Ask the attorney what percentage of his/her caseload is DWIs? How many DWIs he/she has handled? How many DWI have they taken to trial? Do they attend seminars to keep up with current trends and legislation? For example, the machine used for breath tests in most U.S. States, the Intoxylizer 9000 has many issues and it seems that as time goes by, more issues are discovered. If an attorney doesn’t practice DWIs on a regular basis or doesn’t attend seminars to keep him informed, they won’t know about it, and therefore may result in a missed opportunity to fight your case.

Don’t be shy, ask all the questions you have of that attorney? Make sure he/she explains to you all the possible outcomes and consequences. But be wary of attorneys who promise you a certain result. Generally, a DWI defense attorney cannot promise you a certain outcome, especially not in the early stages of your DWI case.

And last, but not least, use Google to your advantage. Make sure you search that attorney’s name and see what other people have to say about their services.

Also, do a search on the State Bar page in your jurisdiction to see if the attorney is eligible to practice law and if he/she has ever been reprimanded for any type of misconduct

Be Sure that the DWI attorney Practices into Your Region

As a practicing Texas DWI attorney well versed in Texas DWI law, and very familiar with the trends in the criminal courts, I have seen firsthand how understanding the players around the area can be crucial. Knowing the specific judges and the way in which they conduct their court, knowing the prosecutors and the way they handle their cases, can raise your odds at a favorable result.

A particularly unique advantage is when a DWI defense attorney has previously worked as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office in the jurisdiction where your case is. That attorney will understand not only how a prosecutor approaches the case, but will also be familiar with all the programs available to you.


Have an honest discussion regarding your charges with your attorney. Most attorneys in Texas will charge a flat fee for a DWI case. That fee will include all pre-trial issues, but should you decide you want to go to trial, there will be an additional fee.

Most attorneys will tell you that the majority of cases don’t go to trial. And, at least in Texas, that is for the most part true. But you need to make sure that you know what the trial fee would be, just in case you decide to go to trial later on.

It is never a good idea to choose an attorney based solely on their price. You are putting your future in the hands on the attorney you hire and you need to make sure you trust them and their experience. Sometimes getting a cheaper and least experienced or least interested attorney can cost you more in the long run. Many states will suspend your Driver’s License if you get a DWI conviction and will assess surcharges in the thousands of dollars.

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