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A home renovation can be one of the most exciting parts of living in a house, as after all months or even years of planning will finally come to fruition. However, if there’s many things you have to watch out for in a home renovation, it’s that while you may have everything “planned,” accidents can still happen during the process. Injuries such as slips and falls can still occur in home renovations, and they can be costly.

In fact, according to numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20-percent of slip and fall incidents actually cause injuries such as broken bones. In 2015, almost 2.8-million adults in the United States were sent to the emergency room because of these accidents, and 800,000 others needed some hospitalization because of these occurrences. Costs for treatment of these injuries have in fact reached as high as $50-billion during that year, which means any injury – even those at home – can be costly for others. Here’s some major ways to improve safety at home while renovating:

  • Don’t neglect on your equipment. Chances are you may have already seen a hard hat worn by anyone in a construction site. Even engineers and architects wear them while wearing their suits, and at the same time visitors are also asked to wear them. These hard hats, and other equipment like vests, gloves, and boots, exist to help make sure you have adequate protection to reduce the impact of accidents on your body parts. A hard hat, for instance, can lessen the impact of slips and falls or falling objects. These safety equipment are handy to make sure you always stay safe at home.
  • Don’t neglect on hazards. When you’re renovating, chances are you’ll be exposed to things such as small debris and dust particles, which are things to expect. However, you should be aware of things to watch out for that can be dangerous for your help. For instance, make sure you leave as many windows as possible while painting to make sure the fumes are circulated out of the house. Buy a dust mask to ensure you don’t inhale dust particles while working on renovation. Stay sharp and try to research on the possible hazards you might encounter while renovating so you know what to avoid.
  • Don’t neglect on tidiness. Aside from knowing your plan from start to finish, don’t neglect on making sure all your materials are in order. Maintaining your tools and making sure they’re readily accessible in a tidy manner can help you get just what you need by the time you need it. Making sure your working area is as clean as possible also helps leave little room for accidents and unexpected hazards.
  • Don’t neglect on proper form. If you think working out is just for a fancy body, you can be mistaken. Observing proper form and technique when lifting heavy objects or performing certain tasks might be “instinct,” but they should be actively observed in order to avoid injuries especially to the back. You should remember to bend your knees and squat to help your hands grab objects, and make sure you don’t skimp on professional help when learning how to operate other devices.


Safety during renovation is paramount to ensuring you get to see your plans to fruition. After all, safely going through all steps of your renovation will make sure you get to see just how lovely your home becomes after it transforms. Avoiding injuries will not only let you avoid unnecessary hassle in costs, but also avoid stress. If by any chance you were invited to help a friend do a home renovation and you got into a slip and fall, a lawyer might be able to help you deal with it.




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