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Truck accidents are very different from other vehicular accidents. They generally always result in extensive property damage and personal injury. In severe cases, which is also most of the time, the consequences are fatal. Dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident can be a very expensive affair. Cost of repairs and medical bills can run victims into thousands of dollars and compensation from the liable party or parties can amount to even more. This is why trucking companies will do anything to avoid liability. It is important to know the subtle tricks they employ to be able to beat them at their own game to get the compensation that is due.

Blame The Victim.

This is typically the first thing trucking companies will do to avert responsibility for an accident. They will try to blame the victim of the truck crash by insisting they were negligent in some way which is why the accident occurred. They will attempt to protect their driver by corroborating his version of events or even cleverly fabricating their account of the incident. Without the backing of a good Evansville truck accident attorney who understands these operations, the victim can and often does lose the claim to financial compensation.

Blaming and Distancing Themselves from The Driver.

This is the next course of action. In some cases, it is even the first. Where it is evident that the victim cannot be, in any way, responsible for the accident, the trucking company will shift the blame to the driver and try to distance themselves from him. They will attempt to disregard the likelihood that a mechanical or administrative error on their part could have set things off on the unfortunate trajectory they took. They may also attempt to claim that the driver is not an employee but an independent contractor. Only through thorough investigation can this be refuted and the victim will need an attorney to do so successfully.

Downplay The Severity of The Victims’ Injuries and Damages.

This is a fairly common tactic in personal injury cases. With trucking accidents, the trucking companies will argue that the victim is exaggerating the extent of their injuries. They will insist and even use diversionary means to downplay the severity of the damages sustained. The only way to firmly refute this is for the victim to produce a medical and police report backing up their injury and damage claims. The absence of these will greatly hinder any chances of holding them liable and receiving compensation.

Destroy Physical and Electronic Evidence.

Trucking companies have been known to destroy physical and electronic evidence that ties them to the accident in a bid to avoid liability. Anything from surveillance equipment, communication records, logbooks, scheduling charts, and any incriminating document can simply disappear. The same goes for physical evidence like the very truck involved in the accident. Damaged trucks have been dismantled and important evidence like faulty parts done away with all under the guise of repairs. A good truck accident attorney would know to immediately file a petition preventing the company from being in possession of the truck let alone try to “repair” it until the investigation is done.


Truck companies employ a lot of schemes whenever an accident occurs. They will engage any tactic to avoid financial responsibility but with a good truck accident attorney, the victim will come out victorious and be well compensated.

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