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What Is Capitation?

Capitation refers to a fixed fee that an insurance company pays to a doctor for every person he treats, regardless of what services are provided.

Non-capitation is an alternative to capitation. An insurance company will pay doctors in a non-capitated system based on the actual services rendered.

What Is Subrogation?

In the context of a personal injury case, subrogation refers to a legal term that basically means:

  • An insurance company that represents a plaintiff can seek to recover the money it paid to the plaintiff.
  • It can sue the person who caused the plaintiff’s injury (typically, the defendant).

Subrogation is based on the concept that an insurance company is often obligated to pay a policyholder/plaintiff before the plaintiff can file, or finalize, a lawsuit. Subrogation allows the insurance company to pay early and then be reimbursed by the responsible party.

Subrogation can be described as:

  • An insurance company has the right to recover money from those who caused the accident or caused the damage that triggered the insurance company’s payments.
  • The insurance company has the right to place the victim at an accident scene and pursue recovery from the responsible party.
  • The substitution by the insurance company to replace the accident victim, to whom they take over.

What Is the California Civil Code 3040?

California Civil Code 3040 sets a ceiling on the amount an insurance company can recover from a plaintiff’s settlement regarding payments it made to that plaintiff.

Under California Civil Code 3040, the insurance company is limited in its recovery by the less of:

  • The cost of medical services
  • A percentage of the total settlement

How Are Capitation Payments Treated Under California Civil Code 3040?

These payments are made at a fixed rate and do not accurately reflect the true cost of medical services. This is a problem because an insurance company can recover costs from the settlement of a plaintiff for medical services it paid for.

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