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Around 60% of slips, trips and accidents due to falls are the cause of uneven pavement or issues with sidewalks. It is very important for pedestrians that become injured out in public to know that there is a time limit to filing claims. And each year, thousands of people are likely to suffer a slip or falls from lack of maintenance in an establishment. The law protects people who suffer these mishaps. In the same way if a person slips or suffers a fall at work, there is the same responsibility if the sidewalk or public street is found to be in bad condition. According to an expert personal injury lawyer boston ma residents affected by an accident, resulting from lack of maintenance in a public place have the right to establish a claim.

Common Calamities in Public Places

The most common accidents in public places happen because of: potholes and sidewalk cracks, or uneven sidewalks, cobblestones, or pavements. Scattered debris, slippery floors, inadequate handrails, unsafe balconies or trellises or even inadequate lighting. Also, accidents can be caused by spilled liquids such as soap, grease, food thrown away, water, or other liquids. But Boston experts point out, the lack of good signage warning people, or protection fences around the problem come at unnecessary costs. Injuries and accidents of this nature can be very severe, including fractures of the hips and wrists, and permanent back injuries, or even brain injuries, and death.

Owners of establishments and people responsible for public pathways must take precautions to help the public avoid accidents, and when a problem becomes known, they must warn the public that the place is dangerous. In fact, owners of properties are required by law to obtain insurance that covers liability cases for visitors and people who pass through their properties. This includes the sidewalks of any residential places. And the government has the responsibility to keep the streets and sidewalks free of hazards. The bottom line is that private property owners, and the government are responsible for everything that occurs on their property. People that are in positions of responsibility cannot assume that the public will realize danger for themselves, and if someone is hurt, they can be compensated.

What to Do When Hurt in Public?

If a person suffered a mishap in a public place; The first thing you should do is act quickly and in a timely manner. If the negligence was caused by third parties, you typically only have two to three years in Boston to file a claim. With this statute of limitations in mind, it’s vital that you contact a personal injury attorney. Compensation for accidents may include medical claims, as well as any future requirements for medical and physical therapy. Compensation can also include lost wages, loss of potential wages, any specialized care and lifelong medications. Lawyers will typically carry out a complete investigation and hire experts for the systematic help and preparation of a case, but before considering any type of settlement, consult an attorney to hear all options.

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