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When it comes to legal professions, it’s safe to say a great portion of the job revolves around interacting with others. That is perhaps the single most important facet of legal work; people skills. However, the modern world is full of social anxiety, as we now spend less time face to face with people and, therefore, have difficulty expressing ourselves due to irrational fears. That being said, it’s not as bleak as it may seem, and if you find yourself struggling to talk to others, you can’t let that run your life, especially not with a career that hinges so completely on social interaction. Here are some ways to find the confidence you need to succeed in your legal profession.

First and foremost, the number one fear in America is of public speaking. That’s right, nothing dangerous deserves the top spot in our modern world. Danger is an abstract concept to some, and simply elusive to most of us these days. The good news is that this fear is easily cured. There are many courses available, and it’s required in many schools and colleges, that focus on this important skill. A speech class will help you adjust to public speaking which will help you overcome social anxiety.

Another important factor of both social interaction and legal professions is your appearance. Maintaining a clean and professional look is important when dealing with others, whether recreationally or professionally, as it affects others’ perception of us. Take a cue from Better Call Saul, and avoid bright and garish ensembles. Instead, try to maintain a more neutral palette with your suits. And, don’t be afraid to buy new clothing from Brooks Brothers to complete your professional look.

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