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As it is a pandemic time, opportunities for lawyers arise for the families who have parenting order, have to depart. As public places are with no people and schools are also shut down they may be reason for which child gets isolated. The parents should keep their agreement as base and should follow the rules guided by the lawyer. If the parent doesn’t accept the order, if he contraindicates the order then they are charged against a case. Even after giving an application if the court accepts the parent reason for not attending or accepting application, then there will be no problem for the parent.

Umbrella lawyers and their services and guidelines through online

Contravention depends on both people, as it is pandemic time one may not accept the order for the safety of child, the other may file a case against them for the same reason, family lawyers in Melbourne is the middle person in between them that resolves the problems. Contravention may be applied only due to the safety and health care of the person with that is not considered as a mistake by the court of law.

Co parenting it self is a challenging thing for both parents who want to take care of the child. As it is pandemic time due to corona virus transmission this challenges may get exaggerated. In a group of American marital lawyer association gave few guidelines for the co-parenting, parenting separation and all other family related judicial issues.

In this guide lines the couple who are parents for their child, if there are in middle of divorce process, either that may be for separation or may be sharing of custody, should try to create a healthy wellbeing and positive environment for both them along with child, because if some problem occurs to a family, all together must solve it together, if it is to a community like this pandemic then they should not involve their personal grudges during this time, that may suffer both child and the opposite gender partner.

Here are few guidelines:

1. Should Be Healthy

They should keep in mind all the regulations by the government and should follow rules and precautions for being healthy. This is help full to prevent the transmission of virus from one to another. If in case there are also asymptomatic or a carrier individual then be safe and follow all precautions because child also may get affected if they doesn’t follow. Should not feel panic for the tough situations, so be confident in mental health.

2. Should Be Mindful

Process the issues with mind, if we concentrate on careless points which may cause emotional disturbances. We must encourage our child for asking the doubts regarding the pandemic freely, so that they get clarified with answers. It is the responsibility of the parent to make Skype and face calls, video calls with the other parent as this child can’t go to them. Closeness or bonding should be developed with out any loss.

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