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If there’s anything the market would tell you right now, it’s that it’s volatile, active, and always up for another contender. If you have the capital and an idea in mind, the notion of forming a small business is tempting. Question is, of course, is if you should actually pursue your idea.

Numbers wise, now is as good a time as any to pursue a small business. Despite the name, small business have a large role in the economy. According to the Small Business Association, in 2014 alone, small businesses accounted for 1.4 million new jobs that year.

Should You? Determine The Reason Why You Want To Pursue A Business

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you have to be sure of the reason why you want to pursue the endeavor in the first place. There are actually good and bad reasons when it comes to making the first step towards a business, as if you start a business with a good or bad mentality may also lead to the direction of your business in the future. For instance:

  • Bad reasons for starting up may include not liking your previous job because of “low” pay, lack of passion, not liking your boss, or if you want to work for less hours.
  • Good reasons for starting up may include believing you have developed enough experience to start on your own, if you’ve identified a problem in the industry that you think you can solve, if you want to be in charge of your own business, or if you want to pursue the challenge.

Should You? Determine If You Have The Necessary Skills To Pursue A Business

Sometimes, you may get the idea of wanting to pursue a business if you realize you’re

particularly good at something in an industry. If you’re into baking, for instance, you may decide to pursue a restaurant business. However, don’t forget that a restaurant needs someone to manage staff, deal with finances, and market the business as well.

  • Before you pursue a business, remember that it’s just as important to be good at something, and to get people who are good at other things as well. Having a team that can market and sell, manage staff, handle finances, and deliver a high quality product are just basic ingredients for a long term endeavor.

Should You? Determine If You Have The Capital

Unfortunately, as much as anyone can dream of starting a business, not everyone has the means to start one without having the proper finances to do so. Remember, you should be able to determine just how much you need to invest, and how long can you sustain such an investment before the business is able to sustain itself.

  • The tricky part here is that chances are, you are most likely going to spend more hours and more capital for your business before it gets to sustain itself. A good rule is to always make sure you have twice or thrice the amount of your predicted capital, and that there’s a good possibility you wouldn’t have a salary for your first year.


When you have that big idea, it’s difficult to let the idea of a small business slip away. However, if you’re really decided on undertaking the path of creating a small business, perhaps taking the above into consideration would at least help you be more prepared for the challenges you may be facing. Perhaps outside the business itself, hiring someone knowledgeable in business law may also be crucial in making sure your moves stay within the legal boundaries of your region to avoid any hassles as well.




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