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After a car accident you might find yourself facing a number of strictly painful injuries. Paying for the full cost of your medical care can be difficult without a proper settlement. Handling the aftermath of your accident could have you even facing a choice of paying your medical bills were going deep in debt.

PIP insurance is an excellent form of insurance coverage that you could use for managing some of your losses after a serious accident. PIP insurance is a personal injury protection insurance that pays for medical bills after a serious accident. You won’t need to prove fault in an accident in order to use this form of insurance, you just need to go to your doctor and then open up a claim to get access to the funds that you need.

PIP insurance has become required insurance coverage across Florida and if you don’t have an insurance policy that meets your medical aid insurance costs with at least a $10,000 limit you should reassess your coverage.

After a car accident PIP insurance can be used for the driver and any passengers of the vehicle. Get the insurance can also be used for a cyclist or pedestrian in an accident that involves a car.

Fault for PIP insurance does not matter but you will have to see your doctor within 14 days of the incident. Cover surmounts that you qualify for will also depend on your injuries. If you do plan on opening a claim you will get a minimum of $2500 in coverage but you need to be in an emergency medical condition to receive a full $10,000 payout.

PIP insurance will help to cover your relatives or other members of your household. You can check on your PIP coverage if a member of your household is involved in an accident and this could lead to their potential coverage for injuries as well.

This post was written by J Stanford Morse, P.A. Stan is a St Petersburg car accident lawyer at his practice. He has been practicing law for over 40 years and is St Pete’s trusted car accident attorney.

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